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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically promoting other people’s products and services for a share of commissions. 

They can be digital as in information products like e-books, e-learning courses, software and website templates. 

Or physical consumer ones that people like you and me buy everyday from shops and malls. 

They can also be services like car rentals, holiday packages or free trial promotions in which you are getting paid sometimes for generating leads rather than sales. 

Who Am I And Why Am I Telling You This?

Amuro WesleyMy name is Amuro Wesley.

I come from the Southeast Asian island and tiny country Singapore.

I have been marketing online for the past decade dealing with both affiliate marketing and selling my own information products.

Prior to that, I used to work in admin, data-entry and telemarketing jobs for low basic pay.

I started venturing online in 2000 to look for jobs but after my science novel got rejected in 2008, I began researching online for new ideas from better and more successful authors.

Long story short.

That is how I got started marketing online and it was July 2008 – 3 months before Global Financial Crisis which ultimately affected my dad badly and cost his life due to huge investment losses in stock markets.

Due to his deterioriating condition, I had no choice but to stop my online marketing for a quite to look for a real job and look after my dad in his last 6 months of liver cancer aggravated by his finances.

I was making money through Google Adwords and classified ads but what I earned was not enough to save my dad and support my family.

I only started marketing towards the end of 2009 after getting to know and meet my fellow compatriot and world’s No. 1 super affiliate Ewen Chia at a seminar for all internetpreneurs (my preferred term for internet marketers).

Me With Ewen Chia

From him, I began to have a better understanding of how internet marketing – in particular affiliate marketing – works.

In particular list building and email marketing.

But I soon got obsessed with building niche websites and getting ranked on Google by building backlinks on top of those. 

Just as I thought I have everything to be ready at my disposal, Google began making a series of changes in the way they ranked websites from 2011 til 2016.

Though I was badly affected, I did not give up and carry on my online battle to financial breakthrough and freedom for next 4 years.

It was also in that period of time I came up with my own system having learn from Ewen and other internet marketers I got to know through his email recommendations as his subscriber and customer. 

Overview Of Affiliate Compass Course

Affiliate Compass

Affiliate Compass is essentially a step-by-step e-learning course that is going to teach you everything I know about affiliate marketing. 

Though I do give away the course in exchange for your email address, that one is simply a lite version with 26 theory-based Powerpoint presentations videos.

This one is really over my shoulder in which you can see and copy exactly what I do to make money in promoting other people’s products and services. 

Overview Of Affiliate Compass Course

internet marketing or make money online but several other niches as well such as health, wealth (investments and financial planning), personal development, specific hobbies and products. 

It comprises of PDF e-books, reports, video tutorials, tools and resources that I have been using in 1 membership site you will have access to should you decided to enrol.

What You Will Be Learning From My Course

Compared to my lite version I am giving you for free and you can access by entering your email above, this course has slightly fewer videos about 19 as compared to 26 in the lite version.

But the content within the videos is much more comprehensive.

Video IconVIDEO 1 – 

Developing The Right Mindset And Values

This may look basic but it really is not.

Because knowing and not knowing can make or break your internet business depending on how you see things and most importantly, whether you are willing to take action on what really matters.


Video IconVIDEO 2 –

Traditional Vs Internet Marketing

Here you will understand the differences between traditional and internet marketing. 

As well as importance and convenience of marketing products and services online even more so during this pandemic at time of writing this.


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What Is Internet Marketing

While the answer is pretty obvious to young people or millenials, it is still a huge challenge to older ones especially baby boomers. 

So for their benefit – especially those interested to start an online business, I am going to explain in simple definition here. 


Video IconVIDEO 4 –

9 Different Models Of Internet Marketing

Like offline businesses and industries, the words internet marketing is just a general term. 

Here I highlighted and elaborated on 9 different models that are working right now for your better understanding.