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Why Most People Fail Online?

If you have been struggling to make money online whether you are starting out or have been marketing for some time now, it boils down to 2 reasons. 

1. The course is a scam as the product creator fails to deliver or underdelivers what he promised,

2. The course has been tested and proven to work but you just want to settle your debts or get rich quick without doing much or anything and yet expected money to pour into your bank account. 

Who Am I And Why Am I Telling You This?

Me With Ewen Chia

Hi, my name is Amuro Wesley, standing right next to my fellow compatriot and World's No. 1 Super Affiliate Ewen Chia at his 2015 Live Internet Business workshop.

I come from Southeast Asian island of Singapore and have been marketing online for 10 years now. 

First by promoting other people's products online and then marketing my own. 

Being brought up in a country that highly focuses on efficiency and productivity, I soon realized that building websites and generating content is not really that hard though it took me time to adopt and master. 

What is really hard is staying focused and not getting distracted by:

1. family and friends who perceived entrepreneurship as risky and without much future as compared to employment. 

2. marketers who keep selling you stuff and making you think you are inadequate in resources and tools to make money online even though you know in your heart otherwise,

3. changes in Google and other paid ads platforms in how they rank your websites through SEO or approve or disapprove your ads,

4. when your initial plan fails due to all 3 or other reasons that you become too discouraged to come up with a backup plan and give up internet marketing for good. 

If that is you, I totally understand and know where you are coming from as I have been there and through those myself. 

The only key difference is while most people gave up, I did not but carry on. 

After many years of hitting unexpected challenges and learning to overcome them the hard way, I feel the need to help others who are facing the same situation. 

That is why I decided to create my own e-learning course called -

Affiliate Compass 

Affiliate Compass

What You Get From My Course

Having said that, here is exactly what you are getting should you decided to enroll for my brand new e-learning course. 

video 1

Developing The Right Mindset And Values

This may look basic but it is really not. 

Here you will learn why having those 2 are fundamentally critical to your online success even before you get started taking action.

video 2

Traditional Vs Internet Marketing

Here you will understand the differences between traditional and internet marketing.

And importance and convenience of marketing products and services online even more so during this pandemic at time of writing this. 

video 3

What Is Internet Marketing

While the answer is pretty obvious to millenials, the thought and prospects of marketing online still remains uncertain to baby boomers. 

That is why I included this video to give you a complete understanding if you are among the pioneer generation wanting to take your business to the next level online. 

video 4

9 Different Models Of Internet Marketing

Like offline businesses, internet marketing is simply a general term of selling products online. 

Here I will highlight the 9 different models for your better understanding. 

video 5

Market And Keyword Research

Here I will show you how to do market and keyword research as in finding out what your prospects need, want and are looking for in order to offer your products and services as relevant solutions. 

video 6

Getting Domain And Web Hosting

Here I will show you how I get my domain and web hosting from 2 sources. 

video 7

Finding Affiliate Programs To Make Money

I will be revealing affiliate programs you can sign up to promote their products, services and make money. 

video 8

Content Creation And Organization

Bill Gates said before Content Is King. 

Here I will show you how I created and organized my content before building sites. 

video 9

Setting Up Your WordPress Site

Here I will be showing you step-by-step on how I set up my WordPress site. 

From installing theme, plugins, editing widgets and settings all the way to creating categories, pages and posts. 

Initially, I intended to sell as separate course but decided to include as part of what you will be getting here. 

video 10

Putting Up Your Landing Page

In this video, you will be learning how to set up a landing page with any of the web-based platforms I will be recommending. 

Though they are all paid platforms not included in the course, they are reliable and proven to work with their high-quality landing pages. 

video 11

How To Get Images And Create Sliders

Here I will be revealing how to get images and create sliders with simple online tools and how you can too. 

video 12

How To Insert Text Into Headers

You will be seeing me how I inserted text into headers which are included in your niche packs I will be elaborating later. 

video 13

How To Create PDF Report, Ecover And Upload It

Here you will see how I created PDF report, ecover and upload it. 

video 14

How To Cloak Your Affiliate Links

Here you will learn how to cloak your affiliate links and make them as though they look like your domain names to your web visitors. 

video 15

Setting Up Your Autoresponder And Follow Up Emails

Here you will learn how to cloak your affiliate links and make them as though they look like your domain names to your web visitors. 

video 16

Silo Structured And SEO-Optimized Sites

I will explain what they are and their importance to ensuring your affiliate sites are compliant with Google guidelines and presentable to web visitors in order to be ranked on first page consistently. 

video 17

Traffic Generation

Traffic is the lifeblood of all online businesses. 

Without which, you are not going to generate leads and sales. 

Here I will be addressing different ways to drive traffic to your sites. 

All These In PDF And Videos In 1 Membership Site

Affiliate Compass

Plus You Are Getting These Exclusive Bonuses As Our Valued Customers

Newbie Quick Start Guide And Video

Newbie Quick Start Guide

Comprising of both PDF guide and video, these accounted how I made my first $100 online when I got started in 2008 and before I learn how to build sites and email lists. 

20 Done For You Niche Packs

Niche Packs

Each pack comprises of relevant affiliate programs, keywords list, image headers and articles in niches of health, wealth, digital and consumer products. 

5 WordPress Themes

Wordpress Themes

Traffic Dashboard

Traffic Dashboard

You are also getting access to my all-in-one traffic dashboard where I compiled all the best traffic sources - free and paid together.

Through videos and resources

Other Courses

You will also be getting access to my other courses which I used to sell separately as in

30 Day Content Blueprint

30 Day Content Blueprint

Here I will dive much more in depth here on exactly what you need to do to generate high-quality content over the next 30 days. 

Whether it will be for your ads, articles, blogs, emails, websites, videos or any other forms before submitting to relevant sites for faster approval and results. 

Email Mastery Guide

Email Mastery Guide

Here I will cover everything you need to know about list building and email marketing. 

From setting up your autoresponders, follow-up and broadcast emails all the way to creating your own landing pages from highly creditable web-based platforms. 

Below Are What Others Said

After Getting Access And Going Through My Course And Resources As Members

Samantha Kelly 

This is by far the most robust and comprehensive e-learning course I have ever gone through on affiliate marketing

Melbourne, Australia

Guido Stuckstedde

Guido Stuckstedde

For a small one-time price, I can't believe Amuro can deliver so much value in this course just on affiliate marketing!

Oelde, Germany

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